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Who We Are

Pioneer Fuels is a company dedicated to carrying on a tradition of excellence in the home-heating market in Atlantic Canada and Northern Ontario. Our local teams bring a fresh approach to meeting home comfort needs.


We are the company that:
•   provides local service and delivery teams
•   always delivers competitive rates
•   is 100% Canadian owned and operated
•   is a proud supplier of Esso fuels
•   is committed to delivering customer satisfaction.

Warmth Without Worry

When the temperature plunges and the snow is blowing, you can rest assured you have plenty of fuel to stay warm until the next delivery. At Pioneer Fuels, we have taken care of those details. And in case of unexpected equipment troubles, we’re available around the clock seven days a week. Just call, and we’ll be there.

Call us today at 310-3776 or email us at

For customers outside the 310-3776 area, please call 1-855-554-0554 during business hours.