A Solid Vision For The Future

Pioneer Energy is a dynamic, Canadian-owned network of gasoline/convenience retail locations offering one-stop shopping to motorists across Ontario. Pioneer delivers the products and services today’s busy consumers want most — quality fuel and automotive products, car washes, ATM machines, snack foods, soft drinks, newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, fresh hot coffee and much, much more.

The introduction of our Verve retail concept stores in 2012 marks an evolution in gasoline convenience retailing unlike anything else in the market.

Pioneer is Canada’s third largest independent fuel retailer by volume, and we continue to capture an ever-increasing share of the retail markets we serve. Our more than 140 independently operated locations, stretching from Windsor to Ottawa and north to Sudbury and Timmins, are among the most successful in the fuel/convenience sector.

For more than 50 years, Pioneer’s service-driven spirit has kept us at the forefront of our industry. We were the first to introduce pump attendants for instant service. We were the first to offer a Full-Service Pledge, promising to wash your windshield and check under your hood with every fuel purchase of 10 litres or more. If we failed to uphold this service pledge, you received a $10 gift voucher.

Pioneer was also the first to introduce a customer rewards/loyalty program, beginning with collector stamps in the late 1950s. This was followed by the introduction of Pioneer Money in 1962, an innovative and industry-leading approach to nurturing customer loyalty. By the 1980s, the program evolved with the introduction of Pioneer Bonus Bucks. In August 2006 we entered a new era with our Electronic Bonus Bucks card program, making it even easier for our customers to collect and spend rewards on every visit. Bonus Bucks cardholders also benefit from exclusive discounts from Pioneer partner companies and organizations.

Lastly we have always given back to each of the communities we serve. We have donated over $4 million to worthy Ontario organizations since 1999.