Pioneer’s core values, our essential and enduring tenets, are as follows:

  • We operate every day with integrity. 

  • We are community minded. We care about our employees, customers, community, and the environment. We are dedicated to offering our support – physically, emotionally and financially.

  • We live the entrepreneurial spirit. We act with passion, commitment and urgency. We ‘do it differently’, with innovation and with speed.

  • We are competitive. We ‘do it better’ than our competition.

  • We value individual initiative. We are self-starting and give ourselves free rein. The buck stops with each individual in our organization.

  • We are committed to operating with mutual respect. We are trusting, supportive and considerate of each other. We value diversity of opinion and operate with openness and fairness as a team.

  • We strive to deliver exceptional customer service. We are proactive, caring and dedicated to delivering the best service, inside and outside of the company every day.