Partnering for Success

Strategic partnerships with trusted and familiar brands have allowed Pioneer to deliver a consistent combination of quality and convenience that meets the needs of consumers in these fast-paced times. These partnerships give consumers compelling reasons to visit Pioneer rather than one of its competitors and allow Pioneer to fully optimize its real-estate investment opportunities.

Putting Pioneer’s quality fuels together with our well-merchandised Snack Express convenience stores and powerful recognized brands such as Tim Hortons, Wendy’s and Country Style is where Pioneer really starts to shine. Bringing these trusted and familiar brands together in an inviting setting is the ongoing mandate of Pioneer’s development team.

As Pioneer grows, each of our new sites will be planned to maximize the synergies of fuel and convenience offerings. Some sites will have fast-food components built into the Snack Express store, while others will feature stand-alone fast-food outlets. At Pioneer, we are continuing to explore other brand partnerships with the continuing goal of providing our customers with even more reasons to visit us rather than the competition.