Corporate Social Responsibility


The GridSmartCity™ program is Burlington Hydro's efforts to transform today's electricity system into the smart grid of tomorrow. A smart grid integrates electricity production, delivery and consumption to produce a more efficient, reliable and responsive system with a lower environmental footprint. The smart grid uses sensors and monitors and combines these with advanced communications and computer analytics to improve the ability to incorporate renewable generation from the sun, wind and new technologies such as electric vehicles. It also uses smart meters, time differentiated prices and in-home energy management devices to help consumers to better understand their electricity use and enable them to control usage to manage electricity cost.

The GridSmartCity™ program allows Burlington Hydro and its GridSmartCity™ partners to play their role acquiring vital insight on Smart Grid related initiatives. These projects will evolve over time with GridSmartCity™ partners and through collaboration with stakeholders such as utilities, energy providers, industry leaders, governments and universities. One of the projects that make up GridSmartCity™ is incorporating electric vehicles.

Burlington Hydro has taken delivery of the first all-electric vehicle to be used in a commercial fleet application in Canada. The vehicle will be used in a pilot project, also the first of its kind, that will study the operating characteristics of an all-electric fleet in practical, real-world working conditions. Burlington Hydro's Pure Electric Vehicle Demonstration, part of the GridSmartCity™ program, is a landmark research collaboration between industry, university and government partners.

Pioneer Energy is a partner in this pilot project. We have installed and are operating an electronic recharging station at our 4499 Mainway, Burlington Pioneer location. Pioneer's involvement in GridSmartCity™ exemplifies our commitment to renewable energy innovation. It is in our mandate to constantly search for innovative ways to enhance our customers' retail experience and to differentiate our business in the marketplace.

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