Ali Choueib honoured at 2nd annual Burlington Accessibility Awards

Burlington held its 2nd annual Accessibility Awards, which celebrates individuals, business owners, service providers and community groups that have put forth an effort in improving accessibility to the people living with disabilities in Burlington. This June, Pioneer’s very own, Ali Choueib of site 244 won in the category of customer service. Other categories include: education, employment, recreation, volunteer, youth, and built environment. Choueib was among sixteen who won this year.

Dr. Frank Hayden spoke at the event as both the creator of the Special Olympics and a local of Burlington. “These awards, and today’s recipients, are an important part of what makes Burlington such a great place to live.

We, along with the city of Burlington, are proud to have a man like Choueib on our side.

"Celebrating Burlington's 2nd Annual Accessibility Awards." City of Burlington. City of Burlington, 05 June 2013. Web. 02 July 2013.

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