Bring Back the Salmon Conservation Day Field Trip for School Children

image from Exchange magazineRetailer Express – Summer 2010
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On May 6th more than 200 excited school children lined the banks of Bronte Creek in Lowville, north of Burlington, to release Atlantic salmon fry. The special Conservation Day field trip, sponsored by Pioneer Petroleums, capped the children’s participation in the Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program. Since the program began in 2006, more than two million salmon fry have been released into Lake Ontario tributaries and thousands of school children have engaged in acts of environmental stewardship and conservation.

“We had to feed the fish everyday and check the water temperature,” explained Ariel Baird-Kerr a Grade 5 student. Ariel and the other students from Hamilton schools raised the salmon fry in classroom hatcheries since February. After releasing the fish and enjoying a pizza lunch, the students participated in activities such as building bird boxes and studying the stream habitat.

“We’re introducing the children to the concept of stewardship, at a very early age, without them even realizing it,” remarked Mike Reader, Executive Director of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.). The acclaimed program is an initiative of the O.F.A.H., the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and their partners.

image from Exchange

“The salmon release is a great way for us to give back to our communities with a program that has a strong educational component, supports O.F.A.H. conservation efforts, and is fun and interesting for the children,” explained Tim Hogarth, CEO of Pioneer Petroleums. “We deal with a non-renewable resource in our business, and that’s one of the reasons we see a need to take action and support conservation efforts.”

Fishing celebrities Cam Brownson with Angler and Hunter Television, Italo Labignan from Canadian Sportfishing, and Wayne Izumi were on-hand to meet the kids and help them release their salmon fry into the wild. The Weather Network, Ontario Out of Doors Magazine, The Beer Store’s Chill Magazine, CHCH Television, and the Hamilton Spectator were also on hand to cover the event.


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