Conservation Day 2011

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Conservation Day 2011: It starts in the classroom…

The annual Pioneer-sponsored Conservation Field Trip for Hamilton school children took place on June 2nd at Lowville Park in Burlington. The event caps the students’ involvement in the Lake Ontario Salmon Restoration project, an initiative of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH).

Prior to releasing the salmon fry into Bronte Creek during the field trip, the students spent months raising them in their classrooms, playing an important role in helping this extirpated species. If you aren’t familiar with that term, just ask one of the students. They’ll tell you it means “locally extinct.”

“All the students in my room can tell you what it means and exactly why we are doing this,” explains Andrea Tyleman a Grade 8 science teacher at Lake Avenue Public School in Hamilton. We approached Ms. Tyleman to get a teacher’s perspective on the value of the program to school children.

“It’s a very valuable program because it makes the students feel like they are doing something to help bring the ecosystem back into balance,” says Ms. Tyleman. “It raises their environmental awareness and it also helps to instill in them a sense of global citizenship. We want the kids to think beyond themselves and this causes them to do so.”Image of kids by a river

As for the Pioneer Conservation Day field trip? “That’s the most exciting part for them,” acknowledges Ms. Tyleman. “They get to set the little fish free and they know they’ll end up in Lake Ontario. They also build bird and duck houses and reconstruct habitat. It’s a great day for the students.”


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