Pioneer Energy is committed to supporting conservation programs both within the company and in the community. 2013 brings 3 key programs:

Energy Management

Pioneer is committed to more efficient use of energy at site level. This is being done by controlling and limiting energy consumption through automated systems in our sites and implementing LED lighting. This has significantly reduced our overall energy consumption and the 10-12 year life expectancy of the lighting fixtures also means less hazardous materials found in our land fills.

Recycling Program

Pioneer is installing recycling bins at locations across Ontario to make it easier for all of us to recycle. If your Pioneer doesn’t have recycling yet, it will soon!

Atlantic Salmon Release

Since 2009, O.F.A.H. has partnered with Pioneer Energy, a team of biologists and elementary school students who have raised Atlantic Salmon in their classrooms. Each year these Atlantic Salmon are released into Lake Ontario waterways.


For more information about this event, please contact:

Cheryl Stubbs, Marketing Manager, Pioneer Energy
Telephone: 905-633-3405