Why Choose Pioneer?


Founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1956, Pioneer Energy LP owns and operates a dynamic, Canadian-owned network of convenience gasoline retail locations offering one-stop shopping to motorists across Ontario in addition to supplying and supporting select ESSO, Top Valu and unbranded dealers across Canada.

Pioneer delivers the products and services today’s busy consumers want most — quality fuel and automotive products, car washes, ATM bank machines, snack foods, soft drinks, newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, fresh hot coffee and much more.

Pioneer is Canada’s third largest fuel retailer by volume and continues to capture an ever-increasing share of the retail market. With hundreds of locations all across Ontario and Manitoba, we are among the most successful in the fuel/convenience sector.

Aligning with one of Canada’s largest independent retailers by volume is just the beginning:

•  One of the few companies to offer consignment toindependent station owners

•  Experienced and professional regional business & sales managers

•   Support from our very experienced staff in construction, merchandising, marketing and loyalty departments