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Consignment: Pioneer Delivers Value to Your Business  
For sites who prefer to sell fuel on consignment, Pioneer Energy is the only distributor to offer consignment programs under multiple brands.  In an consignment arrangement, Pioneer Energy will own the gasoline and diesel products and set the street price. You will be paid commission for the gas and diesel sales. You will own and operate your own store. With our strategic pricing positions Pioneer is a volume leader in its markets. 

Partnerships with trusted and familiar brands means your site will deliver a consistent combination of quality and convenience that meets the needs of consumers in these fast-paced times. These partnerships give consumers compelling reasons to visit Pioneer rather than one of your competitors. 

Your Snack Express store will offer one-stop shopping to our customers while maximizing your profitability. Highly recognized – with over 100 successful locations across Ontario. Putting Pioneer’s quality fuels together with our well-merchandised Snack Express convenience stores and powerful recognized brands such as Tim Hortons as well as ATM and LOTTO, is where Pioneer really starts to shine. Bringing these trusted and familiar brands together in an inviting setting is the ongoing mandate of Pioneer’s development team. 

Site requirements include: Double wall flex underground storage tanks (minimum capacity 150,000 litres) and distribution lines (or approved above ground tanks in certain areas), Incon tank monitoring equipment with I.P. connectivity, and a minimum of 4 pump islands. 

Branded Wholesale: for sites who prefer a distributor arrangement, Pioneer Energy is the distributor for all of your branded gasoline and diesel products needs. You can expect high quality fuels and dependable delivery, at competitive prices. You will own your gas, set your own retail price and enjoy all of the benefits our brands can offer. There is full flexibility on the site offer and Pioneer Energy will pay for all branding costs. 

Unbranded Wholesale And Other Products: if your business model includes fuel delivery, home heating products, bulk plant services, lubricant products or aviation fuels, or if you prefer to use your own brand, Pioneer Energy can offer you a competitive wholesale option with or without a brand.

Pioneer Dealer
On Consignment

ESSO Dealer
On Consignment* 

ESSO Branded 

Top Valu
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Guaranteed supply of quality fuel

Branded Convenience Store

Purchasing Power, Rebates, Promotional Programs

Access to Lottery Machines

Access to Bank Branded ATMs

Access to Food Service Partners

Advertising Programs

Site Development Support

Retail Marketing

Merchandising, optimized store layouts

Loyalty Program

Competitive and consistent Credit Card and Debit fees

Fleet Program

Training programs

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