About Our Fuels

Pioneer Energy purchases its high quality gasolines from only Canadian refiners. Canadian refiners that wholesale gasolines in Ontario are; Esso, Shell, Suncor and Valero (formerly Ultramar).

The high quality gasolines that Pioneer sells meet or exceed all CGSB standards for gasoline manufactured and sold in Canada. However, the required level of additives for gasoline products we acquire from certain refiners may vary.

Since 2007 the Ontario government mandated that all refiners and fuel suppliers in Ontario maintain an average of 5% ethanol in their gasoline pool. Like all retailers in Ontario, Pioneer's gasolines may contain up to 10% ethanol. For more information on ethanol, click here.

The gasolines we purchase from the Canadian refiners are already pre-blended with Ethanol at the point of pick up. We do not do our own blending. Generally speaking Pioneer's high quality gasolines are the same as you would buy from one of the refiner's own branded outlets.

We now offer, both, commercial and home heating services to those in Atlantic Canada from the newest member of the Pioneer Group of Companies, Pioneer Fuels Inc. Approximately 21,000 homes are being served across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This acts as a natural extension of our energy business as well as another stepping stone in expanding our company.

Fuels Grades

Silver 87 Octane

Go the distance with Pioneer’s standard Silver 87 Octane. Besides maximum value, this popular Octane grade delivers the quality and performance that matters to you most. Plus earn Bonus Bucks to spend like cash on your next Pioneer visit.*

Gold 89 Octane

Get double Bonus Bucks at Pioneer whenever you choose Gold 89 Octane!* A higher Octane choice, it yields a cleaner running engine at a cost that’s less than traditional high-octane gas.

Platinum 91 Octane

Earn 3x Bonus Bucks every time you pick Platinum 91 Octane.* It’s the perfect premium-grade choice for high-performance vehicles and helps towards:
  • increased horsepower
  • faster acceleration
  • reduced engine repairs
  • better mileage
  • reduced exhaust emissions

Always refer to your owner’s manual to determine the fuel that your car requires. Knowing this information could save you money every time you fill-up.


High quality diesel is in greater demand than ever. That’s because it’s a bigger money-saver in the long run. Plus you earn Bonus Bucks on your diesel purchase.* Pioneer Energy's diesel is classified as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), and it is a cleaner burning diesel fuel. For the Pioneer location nearest you that offers diesel, check out our Station Locator.


Looking for propane? Pioneer has just what you need for your propane-fuelled vehicle or your BBQ tank. Check out our Station Locator to find the Pioneer location nearest you for all your propane needs.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Minimum 10L fuel purchase required in order to earn Bonus Bucks. Gold 89 Octane where available. Propane and diesel (where available) qualify for single Bonus Bucks. Natural gas does not qualify for Bonus Bucks. See Program Terms for complete details.  Gold 89 Octane is 2x base and Platinum 91 Octane is 3x base of Bonus Bucks Everyday Fuel Rewards schedule.