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At Pioneer we work hard everyday to bring you the best possible value on each and every of your visits. This is why we partner with GasBuddy to make sure we provide you with the best price out there.

Gas prices across Canada

Gas prices across Canada
* As of August 1st 2019

Calculating the cost of fuel

Calculating the cost of fuel
* July 2019 info based on Crude oil costs are estimated based on supply from Western Canada.

Avg. Cdn. family income

Avg. Cdn. family income
(Based on driving a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Wagon 20,000KM per year @ 1.22$ per litre)

Fuels we offer

Silver 87 Octane

Go the distance with Pioneer’s standard Silver 87 Octane. Besides maximum value, this popular Octane grade delivers the quality and performance that matters to you most.

Gold 89 Octane

A higher Octane choice, it yields a cleaner running engine at a cost that’s less than traditional high-octane gas.

Platinum 90 Octane

It’s the perfect premium-grade choice for high-performance vehicles and helps towards increased horsepower, faster acceleration, reduced engine repairs, better mileage and reduced exhaust emissions.


Pioneer Energy's diesel is classified as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), and it is a cleaner burning diesel fuel.