Pioneer Gift Cards—An Easy Choice for Everyone!

A Variety of Cards to Suit Your Needs

Pioneer Gift Cards are great for any occasion, and can be used toward the purchase of fuel, snacks, a car wash and more*. Pioneer Gift Cards are available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100, or you can set your own denomination with one of our variable gift cards.



Gift Cards—Make Fun Your Destination

Treat family or friends to a terrific time! Pioneer offers a variety of gift cards for many people's favourite products and services.* Selection and denominations vary at participating Pioneer locations. They make an easy and thoughtful gift for anyone, anytime. What can be easier than a quick purchase when you fill up next at Pioneer.




Long Distance & Cellular Phone Cards - Answer the Call of Convenience

Need phone time? Pioneer has a selection of brands for your prepaid cellular as well as local and long-distance phone card needs. Choose from a selection of brands that include Bell, Rogers, Telus or Virgin the next time you visit a participating Pioneer location.

Redeem your Bonus Bucks to buy a gift or phone card.** You can go for a great meal or a night on the town with a selection of gift cards that we offer.

The purchase of a gift card, pre-paid long distance or pre-paid cellular phone card is not eligible for Bonus Bucks reward.

*Available at participating Pioneer locations. Selection may vary by location. See Pioneer Gift Cards Terms and Conditions for exclusions that may apply.

Note: Subject to applicable laws, as of Oct. 1, 2007, all Pioneer Gift Cards purchased at a Pioneer Energy location have no expiration date. Any Pioneer Gift Card purchased at a Pioneer Energy location on or prior to Sept. 30, 2007 is not affected by the Consumer Protection Act and may be subject to an expiration date.

**Bonus Bucks cannot be redeemed on any tobacco purchase. Additional exclusions may apply. See Program Terms for complete details.