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How to Easily De-ice Your Car This Winter

March 1, 2022

We’ve already covered how to easily clean your car. However, it’s also essential to maintain your vehicle when the temperature plummets to ensure it stays in good condition.

In Ontario, you can be fined $500 for driving dangerous accumulation of snow or ice. It’s extremely dangerous to be driving on a public road when your visibility is compromised. You put your own life, as well as that of other road users, at risk.

Winter is the period of the year where vehicles can be heavily damaged. Between heavy snow, freezing rain and road salt, it’s important to develop good habits for taking care of your ride over the winter. 

The first thing you must do when clearing snow and ice off your car is to turn it on.

Hand pressing on a power button in a car

Starting your car will help warm it up while you brush off any snow and ice. However, make sure you engage the defrost function to melt away any stubborn frost quickly.

Pull the Snow Off

A person removing snow from her car

When in freezing temperatures, we want to be efficient, and get inside the car! The efficient way to clear snow off your car is to pull instead of push. This gives you more control and makes it easier to clear the snow off in clean, straight lines.

De-icing without a scraper by following these steps:

1. Check your windshield wipers

Car covered with snow, with wipers off

Make sure your wipers are off. They could damage your car, if they are still frozen. 

2. Use a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol

Hand spraying liquid on icy and snowy car window

This is an effective DYI de-icing solution. In a spray bottle, mix two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water. You can also remove ice from your windshield by spraying it with water and sprinkling it with a teaspoon of salt.

3. Buy a commercial de-icing spray

Person spraying liquid on a windshield

The easiest but probably not the cheapest option, is to buy a windshield de-ice spray. You can find them at your local car supply store.

4. Cover your windshield

Front of a car covered with a tarp

Another easy, time-saving option is to physically cover your windshield with a tarp. Some tarps only cover the windshield, while others cover the entire top of your car. You can quickly get rid of snow and ice before driving by removing the cover.

De-icing with a scraper

A person de-icing her windshield with a yellow scrapper

If you have a traditional ice scraper, make sure you’re using it right! Improper ice scraping techniques, like applying too much pressure, can damage your windshield. Instead, use light to moderate pressure. When purchasing a scraper, make sure to choose a plastic one that’s designed to efficiently remove ice and snow.

Be sure to choose the solution that works best for you and ensure you’re always prepared!