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Top Activities to Do This Fall

Nov. 26, 2021

Fall is full of fun activities! Whether it’s a romantic weekend at a cottage, a colourful hike or apple picking with the family.

Which activities inspire you most from our list of fall destinations?

Go Fall Fishing

Hand and arm that hold a fishing stick

If you can fish in the dead of winter when the lakes are frozen over, why not go in the fall when temperatures are milder?

What are you waiting for? Don’t deprive yourself of a good fishing trip in the fall. In fact, many fishing outfitters offer package deals. A guide will take you to several lakes and streams so you can quickly fill your cooler with fresh fish you can enjoy all winter long!

There are so many advantages to fall fishing, including:

  • The weather is mild
  • There are no mosquitoes or biting insects
  • It’s less busy because the high season is over

Enjoy the changing of the seasons by casting your rod off a boat, dock or nearby shore!

Go Apple Picking

Little girl picking an apple in an orchard

Fall is synonymous with apple picking! Fortunately, Ontario is full of places where you can pick your own apples with your family, friends or spouse.

If you’re an apple lover, visit several orchards to pick as many apple varieties as you can. Get ready to fill your home with the intoxicating smell of apple pastries and desserts!

Enjoy a Spa Day

Two pairs of feet in slippers

Spoil yourself with a spa day to melt away the stress of everyday life!

After enjoying the hot summer days, you’ll be happy to relax in the warmth of the spa when the temperature drops into the single digits.

Choose a spa with a peaceful atmosphere that also offers massage and sauna packages.

Get ready to leave your worries behind in the steam room!

Admire Fall From the Treetops

Little boy walking on a treetop

Sure, you can admire the colourful fall foliage by car and on foot, but have you ever seen it from above?

Why not tiptoe through the treetops on an adventure tour? You can walk atop the forest canopy while wearing a safety harness.

For example, TreeTop Trekking offers several aerial courses in cities throughout Ontario. You must try this activity at least once in your life!

Go For a Walk in a National Park

Dad walking with his two children in the forest

You can go hiking at any time of year. However, fall is an especially good time to visit dense forests and soaring mountains.

From the warm colours to the mild temperatures, hiking in fall just makes sense. In addition, there are very few biting insects to contend with.

Visit a variety of national, provincial and municipal parks to enjoy different landscapes and beautiful views.

Go On a Wine Tour

Grape in a vineyard

Canada grows a lot of grapes and makes great wine—it’s a fact. Ontario alone has several vineyards where you can taste delicious wines made from different grape varieties.

Create your own wine tour and sample Ontario’s best wines!

Have fun this fall with our exciting activity ideas!